Training Provider

Show the results you always promised!

When your customer asks for results and proof of new behaviors, Promote is the tool to give them what they want. Besides that, it builds proud trainers and proud participants – and great results.

Unleash the hidden potential in your programs

Your programs produce far more value than you and your clients are able to harvest. Promote supports and drives application on-the-job, where the value is created. When you engage participants and managers you get real progress and results, all visible in Promote. Promote is a great tool to enhance and improve your training and the business for both you and your clients.

Hassle free implementation and operations

Regardless if you work with one program at one time, or hundreds of programs spread around the globe with different trainers, Promote is easy to work with. We are experts in getting you up and running in no-time and we’ll provide you with guidelines, templates and support all the way. It is easy to design, build, modify, re-use and administrate programs. Welcome to a hassle free training solution.

Engage your clients in design of the learning journey

Involve clients in the design of your programs and show stakeholders what a successful learning journey looks like. It is easy to build a new program and to change, copy or move content live in meetings. Promote is more than what meets the eye, you will also be supported by templates and engaging workshop material that connects with business stakeholders.

See Promote live

Do you want to see the platform live? Request a demo to see all of the features in Promote.