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Duke CE - Steve Mahaley

“Mindsets need to change; we are not here to provide learning events, alone. We are here to drive successful, behavioral impact in leadership to improve business performance. The Promote platform provides the structure for meaningful feedback and alignment of the learning process to achieve those business goals.”

Scania Group - Merete Hanssen

“Our LMS systems were helping us be more efficient and improve our training administration, but did not help us leverage greater impact from our programs. Now that we have an LTP capability, our training participants have and are using more follow-up tools. This is leading to more on-the-job application of the targeted behaviors we were after, and we can measure and demonstrate the difference.”

Ericsson - Peter Sheppard

“Bringing together different parts of a blended program into a single platform and bringing in … the learner’s manager are key wins for us in using an LTP. A tool that supports from start to finish in the learning process I’ve always thought essential for realizing the investment in key learning programs.”

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