Learning Platform

Unlock the Power of Learning

The AI-powered learning platform designed to increase the application of knowledge. The platform works as a standalone tool or as a complement to your LMS.

On-the-job application

Increased on-the-job application with learning journeys, manager involvement and social learning. 

Powered by AI

Enhance the learning experience and maximise the benefits from your training initiatives.

Measurable Outcomes

Measure progress and adapt learning strategies for optimal outcomes.

"From within the first half an hour of access to the platform, people started to come up with examples which worked in their world"

Robin Hoyle

Head of Learning and Innovation
Huthwaite International

5X higher application of knowledge

Research shows only 15% of participants apply new knowledge effectively. Our solution? A transformative platform that boosts this rate to 5 out of 6, ensuring higher ROI from your training initiatives

Traditional Training

With Promote®

Increase learner engagement

The Promote platform increases learner engagement and drives performance results through the power of learning journeys, manager involvement and social learning.

Learning journeys enhance commitment, skill development, knowledge application, and improved business outcomes, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Manager support, guidance, and reinforcement fosters accountability, alignment with organizational goals, and sustained implementation of newly acquired skills.

Participants inspire, share experiences and best practices, reflect, collaborate, and network to create a deeper learning experience.

Track progress, identify trends, and measure impact to ensure your program’s effectiveness, make informed decision-making and create better results.

Powered by AI

Enhance engagement with learners and ensure that each individual gets the attention they need to succeed. 

Streamlined Workflow

With everything you need conveniently accessible in a user-friendly interface, navigating through training materials, tracking progress, and collaborating with colleagues has never been easier.

Integrate all your favourite tools

We prioritize compatibility and connectivity. The Promote platform seamlessly integrates with your LMS through open API:s and third-party tools, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

training solutions

Create training experiences tailored to organizational needs, whether it’s onboarding, upskilling, or reskilling initiatives. 

Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team, drive revenue growth and exceed targets.


Set your new hires up for success


Advance your career with our comprehensive certification courses

Leadership Development

Develop strong leaders who inspire and motivate teams

Change Management

The skills and strategies needed to navigate change effectively

Your program

Explore our customizable solutions

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…there’s a Demo guide within each module, explaining all the nifty features of the Promote Platform! You can find it under resources on the right hand side of the screen.