Custom AI Assistants

Custom AI Assistants

The AI-powered learning platform designed to increase the application of knowledge and maximize the impact from your training.

Elevate the learning experience

AI Assistants within Promote helps you efficiently deliver a more engaging learning journey. These features are designed to provide immersive role-play experiences, tailored expert assistance, and convenient support within your learning community.

  • Personalized assistance

    Tailored support aligned with your training materials and learning objectives

  • Seamless integration

    Easily accessible via dedicated tabs in Promote.

  • Real-time feedback and support

    Immediate feedback based on your actions and performance.

  • Role based customization

    Adapt assistants to specific roles and purposes within your learning environment.

Role-Play AI assistant

Designed to simulate real-life interactions and provide immediate feedback, the Role-Playing AI Assistant creates immersive learning scenarios and a supportive environment for skill enhancement and performance improvement.

Customized scenarios and characteristics

Customize your role-playing assistants from predefined scenarios and defined personality traits, offering a realistic and engaging role-play experience.

Interaction based on your training objectives

Tailor your role-playing assistant’s interactions by defining specific skills to practice within simulated scenarios and establish clear objectives based on your resources to guide participants towards optimal outcomes.

Skill development with performance evaluation

Providing immediate feedback based on your specified performance metrics, AI role-playing assistants guide learners towards improvement and towards achieving their learning goals effectively.

Expert AI assistant

Designed to provide tailored and targeted expertise in a conversational format, the Expert AI Assistant seamlessly integrates into your learning journey, becomes your go-to for content-centric assistance, and ensures a personalized learning experience.

Seamless information retrieval

The expert AI assistant delivers information and insights from the training program promptly, ensuring participants receive the insights they seek in record time, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Tailored to your role

Adaptable to various roles within your learning environment, the expert AI assistant can be programmed to suit your specific needs.

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