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#1 Learning platform for training providers

Promote’s aim is to be a partner and trusted advisor to training providers, giving them the help, support, and ability to make their business thrive

What Training Specialists Have To Say

Use the platform to increase participant engagement and achieve better performance results

The Promote platform has four key concepts that underpin the learning platform’s ability to drive, help and support participants in their application of new knowledge. It is these four pillars on which the methodology and learning platform stand. They are:

Through these key concepts, users will be provided with the right tools, at the right time to drive towards the results you want. These are Promote’s recipes for success.

Learners Love It.

Promote is a learning journey focused digital learning platform that increases learner engagement and drives performance results.

Action orientated

Everything in one place

Dynamic experience (Quiz, comments, videos…)

User friendly interface

Easy to interact with fellow learners

Streamline and grow your company through more efficient work methods

Focus On Performance: Most participants in training programs don´t apply what they learn in a way that’s meaningful for the business – change that and deliver results

Be Relevant: Revitalize and secure your current client engagements – go to them with a new and more effective approach before they start looking for it elsewhere. And use the same approach to win over new clients.

Engage In Business Development: A more digital and virtual approach opens new possibilities. You can scale your solutions, reach larger geographical areas and use new business models.

96% Social learning

96% of participants participate in discussions about best practices with their boss and peer group that lead to new and improved behaviors.

91% Manager involvement

91% of the participants involve their managers in the goal. As a result, the levels of commitment increase as well as the chances of the desired behaviors getting stuck.

75% Power measurement

75% of managers recognize the role that promote plays in supporting those they lead to achieve desired business results through a behavioral application.

86% Effective learning

86% of participants apply their new learning consistently after training, which leads to value creation and business results four times higher than the average training program.

Promote Is Your Partner In Training

Karen Stacey CEO Kreative Learning Solutions, USA

Trusted By The Big – Supporting The Small

World renowned brands are now using our platform and loving our methodology. Of course, there can be huge differences between large and small training providers, or even sole traders. We know this, which is why our platform, methodology and services are all geared towards the needs of the training provider, irrespective of size. Ease of use and personable support are a given. What we offer is 20 years of learning in this business. Knowledge readily at your disposal, as we strive to do whatever we can to set you up for success.

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Why Promote? What’s in it for you? Take a look at this overview video 

See what the Promote’s interface looks like for the participant. Here we demonstrate how a learning journey is displayed and what types of tasks you may encounter as a participant.

Watch the film about the coach’s involvement in the participant’s training. Why manager involvement is an important part of Promote’s platform and how this is done via the platform.

What programs can be created in Promote? What types of “completion types” are there? Watch the film how to build the programs.