Kirkpatrick: 4 Levels of Training Evaluation Certification

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Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Training Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level

Kirkpatrick is the world's most recognized model for evaluating training initiatives

A good evaluation makes a big difference!

Creating a good program is difficult. And expensive. Sometimes you might not even know how good it turned out in the end. But if you want to be sure that you get the results you want, then an evaluation may be needed.

The Kirkpatrick model is the world’s most recognized model for evaluating the impact of learning. In this certification program, you will learn how the method works and how to use it to get the most out of your training. You will learn about the four different levels (The four levels of evaluation) and get all the material you need to build your own evaluation plan for future programs. An important part of the training focuses on how you can ensure that the effect of the training is really transferred to the daily work.

Learn how to create Blended Evaluation Plan method for your programs


Learn the critical difference between effective training and training efficiency

Learn to find gaps, and deficiencies in existing programs and how to fix them

Learn where your resources provide the most impact and benefit

More information about the Kirkpatrick certification

The Kirkpatrick Bronze online program consists of four online sessions led by Kirkpatrick-certified facilitators. Each session is 3 hours long, with a 10-minute break every hour. The training and course material is in English.

This training is suitable for you who want to streamline your training efforts and get a better training effect as well as create an effective evaluation plan that increases results with fewer resources. The Kirkpatrick model is suitable for individual employees who want to take an open course or longer training initiatives that run over several years.

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Session 1 (3 hours)

Module 1: Introduction to the Kirkpatrick Model
• Purposes of evaluation
• The four levels and their history
• Effective training vs. training effectiveness

Module 2: Level 4: Results
• Level 4 principles, techniques and timing
• Defining your Level 4 results
• Leading indicators

Session 2 (3 hours)

Module 3: Level 3: Behavior
• Level 3 principles, techniques and timing
• Critical behaviors and required drivers

Module 4: Level 2: Learning
• Level 2 principles, techniques and timing
• Retrospective self-assessment

Session 3 (3 hours)

Module 5: Level 1: Reaction
• Level 1 principles, techniques and timing
• Formative evaluation methods

Module 6: A Purposeful Approach to Training and Evaluation
• Prioritizing programs and evaluation resources
• Blended Evaluation tools

Module 7: Case Studies
• Debriefing and application tips

Session 4 (3 hours)

Module 8: Applying Your Knowledge
• Creation and presentation of actual evaluation plan
• Tips for refining real-life Blended Evaluation plans ®

Follow up:
Team submission of real-life Blended Evaluation plan for grading
• Three months of follow-up modules via email

Promote is the Scandinavia's only Kirkpatrick affiliate

Did you know that Promote is the only company in the Nordic region that has been entrusted with certification in Kirkpatrick’s four levels? And we are of course very proud of that. It is proof of our hard work and dedication to quality training. We manage and carry this opportunity as a medal.

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