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The platform for impactful training

The AI-powered learning platform designed to increase the application of knowledge and maximize the impact from your training.

“Promote empowers our shift from providing content to delivering performance, enabling the creation of tailored learning journeys that foster skill-building through peer collaboration and manager support”

We have been using Promote for many years. It is a natural and essential part of our L&D ecosystem and a very important piece of the puzzle for successful L&D work.

Marie Degerud Jeppesen

VP Leadership & Learning

“Promote allows for more engagement with different stakeholders, and facilitates more feedback which give us more insights to achieve the expected performance.”

From content delivery to application of knowledge

While traditional training focuses primarily on content delivery, Promote is engineered to drive real-world application of knowledge, transforming training from a mere checkbox exercise into a catalyst for tangible results.

1 out of 6 Apply knowledge with
traditional training methods

5 out of 6 Apply knowledge with

Visualize the learning journey

Provide a clear and intuitive roadmap so learners can navigate their development trajectory, while facilitators gain powerful tools for managing and tracking progress.

Create engagement with social learning

Facilitate a dynamic environment where participants inspire, share experiences, and exchange best practices, fostering collaboration and engagement.

Drive performance with manager involvement

Empower managers to play an active role in the learning journey, increasing learner accountability, the application of newly acquired knowledge, and program completion rates.

Track progress and measure impact

Monitor essential metrics like completion rates, performance trends and learner behaviour to gain valuable insights that help optimize learning strategies and foster ongoing improvement.

Streamline facilitation with AI in Promote

Simplify facilitation, boost learner engagement, and ensure every individual receives the attention necessary for success.

Integrate seamlessly with your learning ecosystem

Promote integrates seamlessly with your training ecosystem, enhancing the effectiveness of your current initiatives and maximizing the return on your training investment.

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The skills you need for training design and evaluation

World-class certification courses providing you with the tools, methods and skills to successfully design powerful learning journeys and evaluate your training initiatives.

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