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Give your training initiatives and programs the effect they deserve

Promote International helps companies and organizations create excellent learning results through engaging learning journeys

Promote is your digital learning platform for competence development. The platform is based on proven methods for creating effective training, information dissemination and onboarding. You easily create learning journeys with a clear effect that produces lasting results and behavior change. We make sure that you achieve the goals of your training initiative, regardless of length or type of training program. Promote is a world-class digital support for learning.

Three components for effect: Learning journeys, technology and expertise

To achieve a better training impact, Promote uses three elements: learning journeys (the methodology), 40 years of expertise in training – and our digital learning platform. In the platform, we connect the participants with the tools that our methodology has developed to get the best possible learning effect. These tools have a proven effect to increase commitment, drive feedback and get participants to use the knowledge at work – which drives towards business goals. Read more about our methodology and how it differs from traditional learning.

Become a professional at creating, transforming and optimizing training initiatives that drives results

Promote International’s mission is to work with our customers to create successful training initiatives. By providing you with powerful tools and methods, you create extraordinary training initiatives that give the results you deserve. Promote is used by training providers, HR and Learning and development professionals around the world in initiatives to create results and behavior change in users.

Why you should choose Promote

5X better results with Promote

We have the knowledge, methodology, and technical platform to lift your results to new heights! Want to read more about the effect of Promote?


We make your employees grow

If employees grow, so do your results. Promote helps employees create fantastic engagement, knowledge application, and behavior change to succeed in their roles.

It works!
- ask our customers

Promote today has the honor of working with customers all over the world. Large and small organizations that require a more results-oriented approach to learning.

Promote uses Blended learning, Manager involvement, 70-20-10, and Social learning in combination to make a real difference.

Based on proper research, not guesswork

Our methods and tools are based on +40 years of Professor Robert Brinkerhoff’s research on learning effects, learning transfer, and learning journeys. Methods that work!


Available. Digital. Powerful.

Digitalize your training initiatives. Let Promote show you the way to conduct effective training through our platform – no matter where the participant is in the world.

Our Services

Read more about our award-winning learning platform and how it can help you run effective training programs for your needs

Promote offers solution-oriented programs, training solutions, and workshops for you who work in HR, L&D – or any other types of training initiatives

Learn to create world-class training initiatives with High Performance Learning Journeys or become an evaluation professional with Kirkpatrick’s four levels

Digitalizing programs not only save time and money – it also has a greater effect and becomes easier to measure. Promote International are experts in digitalization and we will help you regardless of the challenge

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