Security and technology

Security and Privacy

Data management and storage within the EU is regulated, for security and privacy reasons

Many Member States have additions to the regulation (eg Germany). Promote is designed to be safe for all our users, and follows the rules and laws of the regions where the platform is offered. All content and all use in Promote is guaranteed by contract not to violate any rules regarding security and privacy.


Sensitive personal data is not used and is not stored in Promote. Promote’s regulations do not deal with, and do not store, data on ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical orientations, trade union affiliation, health status, or sexual preferences, which are considered by the European Union to be particularly sensitive. Therefore, Promote’s customers and/or users are also responsible for ensuring that all data used in Promote does not violate any of these rules.

Geographical location of data storage

All of the data centers used by Promote’s customers in the European Union are located in that Member State. Promote’s customers are therefore responsible for ensuring that the geographical location of a user who is invited to the Promote platform does not violate EU data management rules.

Access to the data

Promote has a role-based administrative architecture that regulates the availability of data.

Access control

All data in Promote is protected by login. Promote uses industry-standard solutions for password protection, third-party authentication and single sign on.


Data management control:

All data management in Promote is, by default, encrypted according to industry standards.

Login control

All logins in Promote are logged with time and current IP address.


All data in Promote is backed up on a daily basis, and the entire platform can be restored, after accidental deletion or loss.

Physical protection

The data centers used by Promote are ISO 27001 certified and offer industry standards for security solutions. This also includes physical inspection, durability against wear and power outages.

Hosting Provider


Frankfurt, Germany

Backup Storage

Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Frankfurt, Germany

Optional SCORM Server Hosting

Rustici Software (EU-US Data Privacy Framework)

210 Gothic Court
Franklin, Tennessee 37067

Optional AI processing

OpenAI, LLC (Standard Contractual Clauses)

3180 18th St.,
San Francisco, CA 94110

Email Server

ActiveCampaign, LLC (Postmark)

Chicago, IL

Martin Nilsson

Head of Development
+46 765 43 88 66