HR and L&D

Set them up for success!

Working in HR/L&D you are probably aware of all the challenges in the world of training. Promote transforms your training investments into real business value.

Ensure success for your strategic initiatives

Set visible goals, invite managers, track progress and get desired behavioral change in your workforce. Promote adds to your programs and combines all the parts that is needed to drive desired results. With Promote you hit the mark.

Creates an amazing learning journey

Promote is not a Learning Management System and it is not just another system. Promote engages participants throughout their learning journey and prepares them for success in the workplace. Promote offers a well- defined interface that makes it easy to focus on the moments that matter. Everyone have their progress and activities for development at their finger-tips. And we deep-link beautifully into your existing learning management system.

A wealth of experience for successful training

Learn best-practice to design and deliver successful training programs. Use evidence based research and join User Groups where you interact with like-minded training professionals in discussions guided by the best in the world on training impact. Be all you can be!

See how Promote will benefit your organization

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