Professor Robert Brinkerhoff

An internationally recognized expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation.

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Rob is an internationally recognized expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation of how well training programs work. His findings have been proven effective in dozens of organizations and have gained popularity worldwide.

Over his 40 year career, he has provided consultation to dozens of multinational organizations around the globe. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at hundreds of conferences worldwide and has authored several books including Courageous Training and Telling Training’s Story.

Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute (BEI) helps organizations achieve their objectives faster by conducting thorough yet practical evaluations of the key programs that contribute to their success.

Brinkerhoff Certification - for High Performance Learning Journeys® Online

More than ever organizations rely on the support of training to execute strategy and change. At the same time, most training as it is designed today is too event based and does not engage learners in a meaningful and effective performance improvement process.

"How Promote steers a program to success"

Listen to Robert Brinkerhoff describe how Promote can be used to steer a program to success.

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Download some of Rob’s articles and white papers.

"Learning: Nice to Have or Indispensable Business Asset?"

by Robert O. Brinkerhoff and Susanna Brinkerhoff Zens, published in CLO

"Getting Real about Evaluation"

by Robert O. Brinkerhoff, published in T&D Magazine

"Leveraging L&D investments into worthwhile business value"

by Robert O. Brinkerhoff, published in Inside Learning Technologies & Skills

"Using Evaluation to Build Organizational Performance and Learning Capability"

by Robert O. Brinkerhoff and Dennis Dressler, published in Performance Improvement

Promote Learning Transfer, Accelerate Strategy Execution

Article from Chief Learning Officer

Technology innovations like learning transfer platforms are changing the game when it comes to boosting engagement, performance and accelerating change.

70-20-10: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Article from Work-Learning Research

The 70-20-10 framework may not have much if any research basis, but it is still a good reminder to all of us in in the L&D and performance improvement professions that the work-space is a powerful teacher and poses many opportunities for practice, feedback, and improvement.


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