Find some of the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the difference between Promote and a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Namely, purpose. The focus of a LMS is typically administration and delivery of e-learning. The sole focus of Promote is to drive learning transfer, through effective training. Promote and the LMS therefore complement one another.

What data security measures are in place?

Promote adheres to EU data security legal regulations. It is also a key requirement that all end users comply with the requisite privacy and security regulations..

Is Promote a web-based platform?

Promote is entirely web based, allowing for easy access, anywhere.

Can Promote be used for both open and tailored courses?

Yes. Promote supports both open and tailored courses, equally well. The platform provides the digital architecture from which you design and build the program of your choice.

Aside from English, is Promote available in other languages?

Yes. The default language of Promote is English. However, the platform is also available in 21 other languages, a number that keeps rising!

What kind of data is it possible to collect through Promote?

Promote captures a multitude of data, from the line manager and learner interaction, to peer- to-peer commentary and much more – data that can then be used to generate evaluative reports.

Will running multiple training programs and participants, create any issues?

No. Promote enables unlimited numbers of participants and programs to be active, simultaneously.

Is it possible to activate and use Single Sign On in Promote?

Yes. We have single sign on available through various social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

Where can I read more about recent case studies involving the use of Promote?

You are welcome to read about case studies here.

We don't deliver a lot of programs will Promote still be a good investment?

Yes. Promote delivers results from the first participant who logs in. One of the best things about our platform is that it’s easy and very effective to scale. Do you want to deliver the exact same program that you did last year? Copy that previous program, add more features, update your assignments (if you want to) and you are ready to go again.

When the program is complete, what happens next in Promote?

You can extend the learning journey for as long as you like, by creating new assignments, or follow up tasks. Often used in the creation of alumni groups, post training.

Can I use Promote on a mobile device?

Yes. Promote is fully functional on all mobile devices

Can I add an e-learning to my program?

Yes. The platform is Scorm compliant, which means you may upload an e-learning, either by creating your own, or importing one from elsewhere. Similarly, other types of files may be uploaded, including images, video, excel spreadsheets, etc., which often integral to assignments.

Can I get a preview of Promote to see if it's applicable for my organization?

Yes, just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to take you on a tour of the platforms capabilities.