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Being smart about measurement and evaluation in these pandemic times

Universities, schools, and L&D organizations everywhere are facing a pressing need to quickly transition face-to-face live group training efforts to virtual and on-line programming. Inevitably, especially as we rush to make this transition, some of what we do will work, and some of it will not.

Social distance - or maybe not?

At a time when we need each other most, to create security and understanding, it is unfortunate that social distance has become synonymous with physical rejection. On the contrary, we should continue to be social but avoid being physically close to each other. Many companies now face the challenge of creating a strong us-feeling at a distance.

The Future of Online Delivery in the Aftermath of Coronavirus

The current Coronavirus situation has led to a number of travel restrictions coming into place at an alarming rate and more people working from home. An increasingly urgent question that we are facing from customers is what they can do with their Learning and Development programs that are scheduled to be run in the next few weeks.

How to Quickly Apply a Blended Approach to Make Your Face-to-Face Learning Happen

The current Coronavirus situation has led to a number of travel restrictions coming into place at an alarming rate and more people working from home. An increasingly urgent question that we are facing from customers is what they can do with their Learning and Development programs that are scheduled to be run in the next few weeks.

Rethinking the way programs are delivered to beat the need to travel

The Coronavirus has brought many challenges with it. Not least that organisations have started enforcing travel bans on their employees, which has had an understandable impact on Learning and Development programs that are currently underway.

The Impact of External Factors and How L&D Needs to Change its Approach

The World is being hit by the effects of the Coronavirus, the personal challenges of those who have been infected and the concerns of those who have not yet been.

An Executive Summary of...

Relationships of Goal Orientation, Metacognitive Activity, and Practice Strategies with Learning Outcomes and Transfer

Applying the Five Types of Use

In their paper: A demonstration of Five Types of Use, Kevin Ford et al, suggest five ways that a training course participant could apply their learning after a program has concluded.

Focus on Performance 2019!

Thank you for attending Focus on Performance 2019! The global HR and L&D conference for all those that are passionate about creating business results from training.

Overcoming Performance Barriers in L&D Programs

What are the common barriers to performance that prevent learners from applying what they have learned and 60+ potential approaches to addressing these.

Design more effective L&D programs by Stretching the Dimensions

We asked our participants on our High-Performance Learning Journey program what was best practice when it came to designing programs. This is what they said.

Är digitalisering svaret på allt?

Promote anordnade nyligen ett frukostseminarium på temat “L&D och digitalisering” leddes av Promote Internationals VD Jon Serrander. Att ämnet är aktuellt är ingen överdrift; seminariet drog stor publik, deltagarna var engagerade och diskussionerna livliga.

Promote won five Brandon-Hall ed-tech awards

Christmas came early for Promote this year, we being the recipients of five Brandon-Hall ed-tech awards last week and now easily the most recognized of all learning transfer platforms!

Masterclass: Creating high performance learning journey

Listen to Preethi B Rao, Head – Learning Effectiveness at C2C Organisational Development talks about the multi-dimensional approach to learning journey which can potentially increase the stickiness of the journey.

Vattenfall awarded as best Trainee Programme of the year

“I am really happy and proud of the award”, says Programme Responsible Thérèse Troedsson. “It is an award that I share with everyone who has contributed to the success of the programme.”

The 2018 edition of Promote Network Summit

During two intense days, the Promote Network met in sunny Stockholm, Sweden, for the annual Promote Network Summit, PNS2018.

Read more and see the pictures from the 2018 edition.

Impact Study

Impact studies by the Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute reveal Promote’s learning technology platform, when embedded with a high impact methodology, is driving a learning to performance improvement culture.

Read more and download the Impact study conducted by BEI (The Brinkerhoff Evaluation Institute).

Promote Network Summit 2018

Conference | Networking | Awards

Welcome to Promote Network Summit 2018. Hosted in central Stockholm June 27-28 at the beautiful venue of Fotografiska we are looking forward to inspiring keynotes, innovative talks, educational breakouts, hands-on lessons, and great networking.

What Is Learning Evaluation, Really?

Guest post by Preethi B. Rao.

Companies spend massive amounts each year to ensure that their employees are working to their full potential and contributing to the accomplishment of organizational goals. But are such companies really getting a return on these expenses?

Becoming a High Performance Learning Journey Champion

Guest post by Ian Townley.

I am currently undertaking Brinkerhoff certification for High Performance Learning Journeys. I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you what I have learned so far. Feel free to comment and leave me a message. I’ll try and reply to everyone who does.

Traefpunkt HR 2017

We went to Denmark’s biggest HR exhibition to show our platform, discuss new L&D trends and promote our Brinkerhoff Certification.

Promote Network Summit 2017 - The recap

Read the latest blog post, a recap of the Promote Network Summit 2017.

Everybody knows that training is supposed to be a process..

Latest blog post written by Professor Robert Brinkerhoff

Three things I have learned from Professor Brinkerhoff

By the CEO of Promote: “Three things I have learned from Professor Brinkerhoff”

Guided Social Learning

Guided Social Learning: A key to a successful learning journey. One of our four key concepts.

Create a training program that drives performance

7 step guide to create a training program

Promote Network Summit 2016

Promote Network Summit 2016 was a success. Here is a recap.

Promote cares about privacy

Sensitive personal data may not be submitted to, or stored, in Promote.

Three Pillars of Training Programs

Three Pillars of Training Programs

Good news for all the licensees and customers to be!

The new survey tool Fetch is now available for integration with Promote.

Guest Post: 10 essentials to make staff training work

In this article I want to focus on what the business who bought the training can do to ensure it works as well as it can.

Just how unique are those unique selling points of ours?

Just how unique are those unique selling points of ours?

Execute strategy and drive change

Execute strategy and drive change, provide focus for results

Replace smile sheets with actual results

Replace smile sheets with actual results

Training needs to change to keep up with business

Markets are changing. Business is changing. Companies need to be light on their feet, to compete.

Guest Post: After all, they learn!

Guest Post: After all, they learn! Promote as the fountain of youth for the learning and development culture

Your most important journey

A business journey and getting started with Promote. Possibly one of the most important journeys your business will ever make.

Activities that don't add value to your business are waste.

Far too often we learn that our customers have unclear expectations on a training initiative.

"They don't have the time". Really? (Part2)

This post is about how easy it is to involve your managers and create higher effect and results with the training.

Expect behaviors to develop!

When you try something new, do you expect yourself to be 100% right on the first attempt?

"They don't have the time..." Really? (Part1)

“They don’t have the time“ Really? (Part1)