Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings

Learn how to conduct effective virtual trainings with this online program

Recent years have seen many organizations attempt the transition from classroom training to virtual alternatives.  This has been driven by many and varied pressures – cost reduction, environmental concerns – that are unlikely to disappear.  At the same time many organizations have struggled to maintain satisfactory attendance, engagement and completion. With this program you will get the tools and approach of how to be equally successful online as with traditional classroom training.

Program Description:

The Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings program is a practical training program designed to get Learning and Development professionals up and running in the virtual environment.  It is designed for those who need to deliver engaging virtual Learning and Development Initiatives. The aim is to provide experienced classroom facilitators with a toolbox and an approach of how to be equally successful online. It can also give designers and subject matter experts insight into where Virtual elements fit within the blended approach and how to succeed when doing so.

Target group:

Learning and Development professionals, instructors and trainers delivering training online or  face to face programs.

Learning goals:

  • Unpack the virtual toolbox: what can we do with the tools available?
  • How to create and maintain audience engagement. The balance between duration, variety, and interaction.
  • Discover the benefits and challenges of incorporating effective virtual facilitation.
  • Learn by analysing others
  • Understand how the virtual approach fits into the wider picture of blended learning: Utilising digital, virtual and face-to-face environments effectively.


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This program is only available as an in house program.

Additional information: 

The course is online conducted in English through our platform Promote. Between the facilitated sessions, you will have tutorials and guided applications to accomplish on your own.

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The road to virtual training

Why should you go virtual?

Download our infographic fact sheet with our key facts that we’ve learned during the years of helping organizations move from face to face learning to a virtual experience.