A facilitator's guide to create engagement using Promote

A simple and effective guide

This a simple and effective guide to get the most out of your learning programs. Using Promote correctly will allow you to provide timely, relevant feedback to your participants throughout their Learning Journey. Enabling you to build a positive environment both in and outside classroom, helping you to identify barriers preventing your participants from learning as well as capturing their success stories.

Five steps to succeed

Get to know your participants

Introducing yourself to your participants before the learning event.

Log on to Promote and post a comment in the comment field that welcomes everybody (see templates for examples)

As soon as you receive invitation to Promote

Interact with your participants

Encouraging social learning with and amongst your participants.

Log on to Promote; read through all participant comments.

Respond to at least 2 participant comments and use “like” for all other comments.

Check “Instructor view,” to monitor participant progress. If needed,  use the comment field to remind all regarding pre-assignments. (See templates for example)

No later than 1-2 days before each learning event

Bring Promote into the classroom

Creating a seamless user experience throughout the learning journey.

Present Promote on projector; in brief, talk about the Learning  journey ahead, emphasise that the program is not just the days in the classroom

Thank all for contributing

Highlight one or two of the comments generated by participants.

At start-of each learning event

Emphasise the learning journey

Bridging the gap between learning and doing.

Present Promote on projector

Go through post-event activities and explain what is expected from each participant

Emphasise learning journey, and the monitoring of progress.

Before end of Learning  event

Keep the focus

Maintaining participant engagement after the learning event.

Post comment in comment field, (to everybody)

See template for example

1-2 days after learning event

If you have a program with several training events – please repeat these 5 steps for each event.

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