A coach guide to create engagement using Promote

A simple and effective guide

This a simple and effective guide getting the most out of your learning programs as a coach. Using Promote correctly will allow you to be an active, engaged part in your participants learning journeys. Enabling you to build a positive environment both in and outside the workplace, helping you to identify barriers preventing your participants from learning and creating behavioral change.

Five steps to succeed

Set goals

Your Coachee is about to embark on a program.

Take a look at the program and ask yourself, how best might I align the needs of my Coachee, with those of the organisation? For example, what goals could we agree on and then set?


As soon as you receive the invitation to Promote

Communicate with your Coachee

Contact your Coachee.

Discuss and then set expectations. For example, which behaviours might they most need to develop? What support might they need, in order to get the most out of the program?


No later than 3-4 days before each learning event

Keep track of progress

Keep track of your Coachee(s), by allowing time for yourself to log in and see how they are progressing.

And allow time for follow-up meetings, either face to face, or online.


At the start-of each learning event and throughout the program


When the program has finished, make time to reflect on your Coachees learnings.

For example, how will their new learning transfer into behavioural improvement in the workplace? What might that look like? What impact might it produce? Create feedback loops between the Coachee, their peer group and yourself.


Post program and ongoing

Keep the focus

What might the next step(s) be?

How might you continue the learning journey, share the Coachees learnings, along the way? How do you ensure the Coachee actually gets to apply their new competence, in meaningful, impactful ways?

And how best to ensure that the organisation itself, stands to benefit?

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A coach guide to create engagement

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