Webinar: Overcoming Issues and obstacles associated with selling, designing and implementing High Performance Learning Journeys


The past year has impacted the L&D industry in countless ways, so we decided to capture and leverage the learning of our HPLJ community for all L&D professionals to benefit from. We recently invited our HPLJ graduates to participate in a survey of their recent experience and we are very excited to share the findings with you in a panel discussion hosted by Edward Boon.

During this webinar you will meet a panel of experts including Professor Robert Brinkerhoff, that will discuss the tactics on overcoming the barriers when implementing a High performance Learning Journey.

The webinar will be conducted online through GotoWebinar and will be hosted by Promote expert Edward Boon.

What we’ll cover:
• Key findings from the survey (Professor Robert Brinkerhoff)
• Tactics for overcoming specific barriers in designing and delivering High Performance Learning Journeys (panel of experts)
• Questions and observations from webinar attendees

This webinar was conducted on June 29th 2021.

Watch a recording of the webinar here!

Host: Edward Boon

The webinar will be hosted by Edward Boon.  Edward works as a consultant at Promote International and is co-author of the book Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journey together with Professor Robert Brinkerhoff. Edward has 18 years of experience designing, developing and delivering large scale, strategic programs for organizations around the globe. The last four years he has focused his energy on helping instructional designers and program managers to create programs that deliver performance impact, face to face and online.

Panel of Experts

Expert: professor Robert Brinkerhoff

Professor Robert Brinkerhoff is an internationally recognized expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation of how well training programs work. His findings have been proven effective in dozens of organizations and have gained popularity worldwide. Over his 40 year career, he has provided consultation to dozens of multinational organizations around the globe. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at hundreds of conferences worldwide and has authored several books including “Courageous Training and Telling Training’s Story”. The book  Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journeys that he co-authored with Edward Boon is available on Amazon.

Panelist: Jason Durkee, Idea Development

Jason Durkee is president of workplace learning and performance consulting firm Idea Development based in Tokyo. Since the 1990s, he’s designed and delivered cross-cultural awareness, innovation and communication development programs to more than 40,000 participants in Asia. Idea Development is recognized as a leader in learning transfer, dynamic training design, and effective use of technology in Japan. Jason regularly speaks at T&D related events in Asia and has published several books on business communication.

Panelist: Cecilia Garpe, Atlas Copco

Cecilia is the Learning Manager within the Global Sales Development Department within the Industrial Technique Division for AtlasCopco. She is responsible for product and sales training globally and is heading the transformation from one-off events to high performance learning journeys. Cecilia is certified in the High-Performance Learning Journey and since 2020 she has developed 4 learning journeys to help the organization in the transformation into Industry 4.0 and Virtual Selling. The latter has so far been completed by 400 participants since the first cohort in June 2020. Cecilia’s passion is to make learning journeys that really make a difference both helping persons to reach their potential and also the business results that comes out of great and relevant learning.

Panelist: Deb Page, the Institute for Performance Improvement

Deb Page, CPT, CPIF, is president of the Institute for Performance Improvement. The Institute trains and certifies performance improvement facilitators across all sectors to guide collaborative, sustainable improvement, implementation and innovation. She and her team of developers are certified in the High-Performance Learning Journey and apply the design to adult development that transfers to practice and achieves the targeted results. The Institute is currently training and certifying improvement facilitators working to guide sector partnerships between education, industry, trade unions, professional associations and other stakeholders in workforce development.

Panelist: Tim Blakesly, USC Marshall School of Business office of Executive Education

Tim Blakesly is the Assistant Dean at the USC Marshall School of Business office of Executive Education. Tim began his 30-year career as an internal LO&D practitioner. He then spent the better part of his career in professional services most notably with BTS as Principle and Managing Director of their global Leadership Practice prior to joining USC. As both a certified executive coach and master facilitator, Tim’s passion and expertise has focused on facilitated experiential learning.

Panelist: Annika Devert, Axfood

Annika have worked in HR since 1994, in large municipality company as well as in private business. Annika have been a part of the companies management team since 2004. Annika have managed several organizational change projects, constructed and implemented trainee, talent and leadership development programs. Creating structure and processes leading towards effective and business related HR. Annika is the Director of L&D at Axfood, the leading food retail group in Sweden and the second largest player in the Swedish food retail market. Annika is a certified HPLJ professional.

Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings

The Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings program is a practical training program designed to get Learning and Development professionals up and running in the virtual environment.