Webinar: Don’t personalize learning, personalize performance


Promote International is proud to welcome you to join us for this session with thought leader and training transfer expert Professor Robert Brinkerhoff and expert Edward Boon!

Personalizing learning does not guarantee performance impact. This session provides global company examples on how principles of mass customization and learning transfer platform technology work hand-in-hand to drive performance and behaviour change — quickly, practically, and consistently.  

Professor Robert Brinkerhoff will for one hour explore this together with our expert Edward Boon. 

The webinar will be conducted online through GotoWebinar.


29th of May – 3.00 pm CEST

About Robert Brinkerhoff

Professor Robert Brinkerhoff is an internationally recognized expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation of how well training programs work. His findings have been proven effective in dozens of organizations and have gained popularity worldwide. Over his 40 year career, he has provided consultation to dozens of multinational organizations around the globe. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at hundreds of conferences worldwide and has authored several books including “Courageous Training and Telling Training’s Story”. The book  Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journeys that he co-authored with Edward Boon is available on Amazon.

About Edward Boon

The webinar will be hosted by Edward Boon.  Edward works as a consultant at Promote International and is co-author of the book Improving Performance Through Learning: A Practical Guide for Designing High Performance Learning Journey together with Professor Robert Brinkerhoff. Edward has 18 years of experience designing, developing and delivering large scale, strategic programs for organizations around the globe. The last four years he has focused his energy on helping instructional designers and program managers to create programs that deliver performance impact, face to face and online.

Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings

The Conducting Effective Virtual Trainings program is a practical training program designed to get Learning and Development professionals up and running in the virtual environment.