“Promote brings our leadership trainings to a new level.”

How Promote changed the way we train our Leaders

Promote was introduced to us by one of our most trusted training providers who had used it successfully for other companies. Both the tool and the methodology behind it made us very excited, and we decided to run a pilot on a mid-level leadership program.

We stated three specific goals for the pilot; First, we wanted the participants to spend less time in the classroom. Second, we wanted them to practice more of their learnings when they got back to the workplace and third, we wanted to get their managers more involved in their development.

We ran three pilot programs where we measured a better focus, higher accountability, even more satisfied participants and engaged managers that led to a learning transfer of more than 80%. On top of that we managed to cut cost with 50% and time spent in the classroom with 25% – in other words, a more effective training that provided desired results.
Based on our experience we decided to make Promote a main component in leadership programs on all levels, globally. And as a proof on how our leadership programs improved with Promote, a study on them has been awarded a Kirkpatrick Gold Level Certification and the results presented on large international conferences (ex ATD).


Current use of Promote

  • Leadership programs on all levels
  • 12 languages
  • Internal open enrollment programs for communication and soft skills
  • Roll out of new strategies and business models

Scania - Facts

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