Traepunkt HR 2017

Denmark’s largest HR Exhibition

Author: Martin Nilsson, Promote International

We could really feel that autumn was upon us when we arrived at Traefpunkt HR, Denmark’s largest HR Exhibition. Strong winds and a light shower from dark clouds. However, as soon as we entered the beautiful old meat market building spring was in the air. The venue was buzzing and the exhibitor list witnessed about quite a diversity. A good place to meet like-minded HR-professionals and talk about learning transfer.


The Promote booth was of course set up to give live demos of the Promote platform. But this year we also focused on the Brinkerhoff certification – High Performance Learning Journeys. Brinkerhoff is well known in Denmark so the interest was high. There will probably be customer internal certifications in Copenhagen before Christmas and in due time open seat certifications in Denmark.




High pace and just in time

One apparent trend at Traefpunkt HR this year was the focus on efficiency. There is just not time anymore for inefficient onboarding, inefficient training and using “strategy of hope” for following up on results.

Many organizations were talking about micro learning, and one can argue about the definition and execution of micro learning but it’s obvious the traditional view on classroom training and tedious e-learning is challenged. Also when it comes to the concept of onboarding a clear trend was that to get new recruits up and running faster and more efficient.

This is of course what Promote is all about. Efficient training and onboarding with visible results to show for it.

Information security and data privacy

As almost all HR-processes are becoming digitized the new European data privacy legislation was very apparent at the expo. A lot of the seminars had this as a topic and almost all cloud solution providers had information about their work with GDPR.


Another trend was workforce relocation. In this global era and despite (or maybe because of) the possibilities to collaborate from a distance today the skilled workforce is mobile. When people are moving to and from different countries and cultures that poses challenges for organizations. Both seminars and exhibitor booths presented challenges and solutions.


Many of the exhibitors were dealing with health and the work environment from different perspectives. From healthy eating and quality of sleep to conflict resolution toolsets and large HR-platforms with tracking of the organization’s wellbeing.

We would like to thank everyone that we hade opportunity to talk to and are looking forward to some great new cooperations.