Promote cares about privacy

Data processing and storage within the European Union is regulated, for security and privacy reasons.

However, member states may have additional regulations (e.g. Germany and the United Kingdom). Promote is designed and operated to ensure trust from our customers / users, and to adhere to legal regulations, where the service is offered. We also require, by agreement, that all usage and content generated within Promote, does not violate any privacy or security regulations.



Sensitive personal data may not be submitted to, or stored, in Promote. The Promote basic framework does not process, or store, data about racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, union membership, health status or sex life, as the European Commission has stated this to be particularly sensitive. Therefore, Promote customers and / or users, are responsible to ensure that all data submitted within the Promote system, does not violate any of the aforementioned privacy regulations.


Geographic location of data storage

All data centers, serving Promote customers targeting users in the European Union, are located within the territory of that member state.

Promote customers are themselves responsible for ensuring that the geographical location of a user, invited onto the Promote platform, does not violate any EU data transfer regulations.


Data protection

Data access control:

Promote has role based security architecture that controls the data access.

Logical access control:

All data in Promote is protected by user authentication. Promote uses well proven industry standard solutions for password protection, third party authentication as well as single sign on.

Data transfer control:

Data transfer in Promote is, by default, encrypted according to industry standards.

Data entry control:

All Promote logins are logged with time and current IP addresses.

Availability control:

All data within Promote is backed up on a daily interval basis and the complete platform can be restored, after accidental destruction or loss.


Physical protection

Production data centers used to provide the Promote services are ISO 27001 certified and offer industry standard security solutions. This includes physical access control, durability for natural conditions and power failure prevention.