Just how unique are those unique selling points of ours?

Perhaps not as unique as we’d all like to think. I mean, show me a training company whose USP don’t include results!


Let’s take Mindset, for example, one of the most prominent training providers in Scandinavia. Now surely they’re going to have a unique selling point or three? After all, many a prospective client has heard me say it’s so:

  • Yes, our consultants are all employed on a full time basis
  • Yes, our class room training is excellent
  • And yes, we have an international presence


Ah. See what I mean? Perhaps not quite as unique as we’d like to think! But then again, perhaps the first point is, actually, how many other training providers employ all of their consultants on a full time basis? Not many, I would hazard a guess, but we here at Mindset like to do so, because it means that from a pedagogical perspective, we are able to consistently design and deliver our training to a particular standard. A standard that’s in line with our values and culture. Our own way of doing things, if you like. Okay, that’s unique, but not unique enough in itself to buy our services.


A standard that’s in line with our values and culture


As for point two, providing excellent training. Tick. Of course we do! It’s what we live for. It’s why we exist. A given. And thankfully, our industry is full of many a talented and competent training providers.

And an international presence? Oh go on then, stick a pin in a map on your homepage and say it’s so.

As sales manager of Promote International, I’ve had my fair share of meetings over time, with selling points a plenty.


However, nowadays, I’ve become consciously aware of a small, but persistently nagging question in my head, saying:


Selling points, selling points, how lame might you be?

Take results, for example, a selling point oft talked about until the cows come home. But here’s the nub, we either get results from our training and can therefore evidence our value or we don’t.

The question then also becomes and how do we know?

We know. Promote lets us know. As it could for you, too.


We know, because Promote’s a learning transfer platform
that does what it says on the tin.


Promote’s sole purpose from origin is to drive behavioural application and thereby, results. It takes behavioural application and makes it plain for all to see. Did those you just trained applytheir learning, once back in the workplace, or not?

Now what was I saying about unique selling points (she says, spilling her coffee in haste).