How to execute strategy and drive change

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Learn more about executing strategy and driving change. Let’s take a look at this real-life example of a Swedish energy company.

How to execute strategy - a real life example

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The initiative

Executing strategy and driving change is people business and people business needs to be supported by adequate tools. That being said, tools being everything from clear expectations and mandates to relevant skills and support to share lessons identified and to learn from them. To clarify, everything that helps people focus.

Best practice when executing strategy and driving change

There’s a lot of great change management research and managerial theory on best practice. To sum up, without picking or excluding any particular one it all comes down to:
• Communicate a clear end state
Know where you want to be and when
• Ensure a sense of urgency for getting there
Instil a want and need
• Drive and support desired actions to get there
Help people through the entire process
• Follow up and measure progress so you know if you’re getting there
Know how it’s going and adjust if needed

Therefore, let’s look at a real-life example. This example comes from Promote Partner Mindset AB in Sweden. A municipal energy company wanting to strengthen their customer orientated way of working and while doing this ensuring a “one-company-identity”.

In this report

In this report, you will find the full list of guidelines that this company came up with as a “solution” to the initiative.

The initiative was run over 8 months with 41 managers as participants in Promote having in total 37 preparation and on the job assignments each. Moreover, the total completion rate was 92% and they shared 1094 visible-to-all lessons learned comments and sent 428 private business reports to their managers for review – all on Promote

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