Digitilization & development of programs

Digitalization of training programs

We help you digitalize your training programs. Upgrade to a new, effective way to deliver quality training to all corners of the globe.

Digitalization through the methodology and learning platform

The many benefits of digitizing e.g. your onboarding, management programs, and training for employees are more than what the effort requires. Using a digital learning platform not only saves time and money – but also has a greater effect and is easier to measure. Working strategically and efficiently to design your training initiatives into impactful learning journeys provides structure, effect, and results that are otherwise difficult to achieve.

We at Promote are experts in digitalizing training and creating change that delivers lasting results – regardless of length, content, or way of working today. Let the training that is most important to you reach out to the employees who need them – when they need them!

How can Promote help you digitalize?

We at Promote are experts in digitizing education and creating change that produces lasting results – regardless of length, content, and way of working today. Let the training that is most important to you reach out to the employees who need them – when they need them!

Promote can:

Transition from physical training programs to digital training programs

Redesign existing training programs to suit new needs

Building training programs that work in Promote's learning platform – or an LMS

Design new digital training programs

The platform for world-class level digital training programs

Promote is the digital learning platform for skills development. The tool is built on proven methods and research for effective training, information dissemination, and onboarding. With Promote, you create learning journeys that drive behavior change in the participants so that the results happen.

Never let your training program stop

Critical training programs should never stop. Secure them by making them digital. You will be better equipped for unexpected events, be quicker to react and the start-up distance will be significantly shorter.

Wherever in the world you are located

With a digital education program, several opportunities open up. The possibility of being able to participate in training programs without having to leave home, or without having to think about logistics and lodging facilitates the entire learning process.

The effect of Promote

We know how to create effective training that produces results. It’s already built into our Platform. Make your training program digital with us and see how impactful it can be!


We're always by your side

Mobile optimized? – Absolutely! Promote works just as well on mobile as the computer. All course material is easily accessible and the participants will easily get an overview of what needs to be done.
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