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The learning platform for world-class learning effect

With Promote’s learning platform, we solve the biggest challenge of training: long-term training impact.

The learning platform with results in focus

We are extremely proud of our learning platform; a flexible, adaptable, and at the same time powerful solution that is based on research. Research that conducts effective learning for best results; how to drive behavior change to achieve their set goals, and how to create learning journeys. It is this methodology that Promote’s platform is based on and that is what our platform does best.

Why it works

Promote has four key concepts that underpin the learning platform’s ability to drive, help and support participants in their application of new knowledge. It is these four pillars on which the methodology and learning platform stand. They are:

Through these key concepts, users will be provided with the right tools, at the right time to drive toward the desired results. These are Promote’s recipes for success.

Easy-to-design and result focused learning

Results are about the application of knowledge – not just acquisition. With Promote, it is easy to design training that teaches participants to apply their knowledge in the right way to achieve the desired goals.

Results you can trust

Get results that come from real research. Promote is the result of more than 40 years of research on training impact. We know how to create results.

Everything in one place

Materials, links, videos, quizzes, and tasks are gathered in one place for organized and smooth handling. Participants can relax; everything is served and easy to find – as it should be.

Integrate with your LMS

Take a holistic approach to training. Combine Promote with your current LMS for the best effect! Today we integrate with some of the world’s largest LMS such as Cornerstone and Success Factor.

Use your current programs

Do not start over. Unlock the next level of impact and engagement by converting your current training initiatives into learning journeys. We can help you convert your old programs into digital, high-performance equivalents where results are prioritized.

3 Roles, 3 perspectives

In Promote, we have three different views based on your role; learner, coach & facilitator. You get the right kind of information you need for your role so that you do not get distracted by unnecessary information.

Cost effective

Logistics and accommodation are expensive. Time away from work is also expensive. In short, running training in the traditional way is very expensive. Especially if it does not produce the desired result in the end. With Promote, you can eliminate these expenses and instead deliver a virtual program with amazing results!

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GTM & Google meet

Promote is integrated with, and supports all popular video platforms.

Design value-creating learning journeys - in an easy way!

Promote has collected simple and powerful tools for you to be able to build your dream program. Group exercises, quizzes, e-learning import, manager involvement, modules for social learning, and surveys unlock a world of possibilities. You even have the option of embedding 3rd party programs into your learning journeys.


Reach your KPIs with a more results-focused approach to learning. Promote helps you create training that creates value for you, the participant, and the business.


A good first impression makes oceans of difference. With Promote, you create engaging learning journeys that give employees the right conditions to succeed in their new roles.

Dissemination of information

Do you have new routines that just need to permeate the entire organization? Skip the email and make a journey of it instead. Get instant statistics from everyone who made the journey and with what result.

Product information

Raise your knowledge level fast! Create product information with videos, quizzes, e-learning, or group discussions that engage participants on a completely different level.

Deliver training initiatives your way

The different delivery methods bring both benefits and challenges. In Promote you can deliver your programs your way. We support all different types of delivery methods so that you can get what you want out of the programs.

Virtual: Deliver the program 100% virtually (digitally) whenever and wherever you want. Promote’s learning platform works with all known providers of video conferencing, Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, Adobe, GoToMeeting, and more. Here, our smart social learning modules shine. Collaborate, discuss, and learn from each other – from wherever you want to be.

Face-2-face: Deliver your training on-site. Promote’s learning platform is the perfect tool to work with during and between sessions. Through the smart modules and functions, you get a platform to collaborate between you.

Blended / hybrid: Combine the best of both worlds! Deliver lectures on-site when you want to create a burning commitment – then work digitally where you want the rest of the time. Fewer travel expenses, more flexibility, and better results.

Individual programs - a solo learning journey

Not all training programs are suitable for cohort-based training. Sometimes the training initiative is better suited for an individual learning journey such as onboarding or why not an upskill or reskill program? In Promote, you have the opportunity to create both cohort-based training programs as well as individual programs. For individual programs, we have streamlined the Promote user interface but saved all the popular features except the tasks that incorporate interaction with other participants.

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