Webbinar: Think value, not “results”

Watch this free webinar to learn how to stop wasting time and money over-designing training that does not warrant such efforts, and put your time and resources into the high-value initiatives your organization needs to survive and thrive.

 All L&D investments have to deliver value, but the routes to value differ dramatically. Some training doesn’t even have to produce learning to produce value; some training relies on transfer to produce value; others do not.

An oft heard aphorism is that if something looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. Applied in the context of learning and development (L&D), if an intervention is provided by the L&D function, involves instruction and learners, then it is “training”. This is an unfortunate truth, because to external appearances, most training does indeed look the same.

Despite the fact that the worth of a L&D investment derives from the underlying value proposition, L&D selling and purchasing transactions are commonly discussed and negotiated with little if any dialogue about value propositions. The result? Lost value opportunity, wasted resources, dissatisfied L&D customers, and blunt instrument budget cuts that hobble success.

In this free webinar, Professor Robert Brinkerhoff and Promote Solutions consultant Alex Brittain-Catlin, present the Six Fundamental L&D Value Propositions that a viable organization needs to be fluent in to effectively understand customer needs and make pinpoint design resource decisions to deliver the specific value needed at the most reasonable cost.