Promote changed the way we do business

“Our mission has always been to make a difference for our clients”

Knowing the shortcomings of training we realized that we needed some sort of performance support tool that could leverage our training programs and create full business value. We literally searched the world for platforms that could support us. After extensive research and workshops with the brightest thought leaders in training impact and measurement we chose to work with Promote.

We implemented Promote and all the processes that come with it to; sales, design, delivery and impact measurement. Of course we started out with some flagship programs to set internal examples, and very soon we realized that this was The Way forward. All of our employees quickly got involved, adding to their processes and ways of working.

Working with Promote has made it possible to build true partnership with our clients, discussing and solving matters so we can co-work on solving them to drive full impact of training. We got the tools to re-vitalize business relations and to improve our existing programs, securing business projects in even longer terms than before. Promote has made it possible to drive and prove our contribution to business results in companies all over the world. Promote has made ourselves very proud of what we do!

Current use of Promote

All programs on all levels, tailor made programs and open seated courses

Introduction programs

200+ Customer Companies

2200 programs

Mindset – Fact

Global training provider in Leadership, Sales and Project Management

Kirkpatrick Affiliates with certified trainers and Gold level status changed the way we do business

135+ employees

Congrats, Almost there!

A few things to consider before trying the platform:

And to make it as easy as possible...

…there’s a Demo guide within each module, explaining all the nifty features of the Promote Platform! You can find it under resources on the right hand side of the screen.