L&D Booster Course

+40 years of L&D knowledge in one online mini-course!

What is the L&D Booster Course?

The L&D Booster Course is a self-paced mini-course designed by the team at Promote International to provide great tools, best practices, and answers on how to create business impact from training –  and understanding of why training needs to have an impact.

What will I learn about?

Over three weeks we will share the lessons from four decades of research and the insights from the world’s foremost thought leaders on training transfer and evaluation. You will complete engaging assignments including video tutorials, quizzes, and e-learning modules. You will receive valuable job aids to improve your current training designs and facilitate dialog with your key stakeholders. You will experience first-hand how the Promote® platform can support engaging learning journeys.

What type of course is this?

A self-paced online mini-course with support of the Promote platform

What does it cost?

Nothing! It’s 100% free of charge!

Who should attend?

Anyone working with training design,
delivery evaluation – or completely new to the L&D profession

How much time will I need to invest?

20 – 30 mins per week x 3 weeks

Boost your impact

This course is the quickest way to boost your knowledge of how to achieve training impact. No fluff, just 100% best-practice

Build a solid foundation

Learn the best and most useful parts of learning transfer and impact – a perfect foundation to build upon.

Why is there a need for the L&D Booster Course?

The training industry is alive with discussion about behavior change and business impact. But what exactly is business impact? And how do you measure it anyway? What are the key factors that will influence to the degree of business impact from training? Come to think of it, is all training equal, and should we have the same impact expectations on all our learning initiatives? If you are a Learning and Development professional working with training design, delivery, or evaluation the chances are one or more of these questions is keeping you awake at night. That’s why we created the L&D Booster course, to solve the challenges L&D experiences today and to level up the newcomers to L&D for a more impactful future.

How does it work?

The L&D Booster course is stretched over three weeks. In week 1 we will investigate the challenge – why do we need business impact from training and the factors that influence the likelihood of achieving impact. In week 2 we will look at training design and how to shift from learning events to learning journeys. In week 3 our focus will be measuring impact from training and the various value propositions that should guide our evaluation efforts. The program will be supported by the award winning Learning Transfer Platform, Promote.

Week 1
The Challenge

• Why training must deliver Impact
(10 mins)

• Key reasons why training does not deliver Impact
(10 mins)

Week 2
Designing for Impact

• Creating Intentional Learners
(10 mins)

• A High Performance Learning Journey Approach
(10 mins)

• Managing Performance Barriers
(10 mins)

Week 3
Measuring Impact

• 6 Key L&D value Propositions
(10 mins)

• Measuring Impact – The Kirkpatrick model
(10 mins)

• Tying it all together
(10 mins)

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Next start date: August 8, 2024

Whether you are new to learning and development or a seasoned training professional, this L&D booster course is sure provide new perspectives and valuable insights that will help you get more impact from your training programs.

Edward L&D Booster Course

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