Konsten att digitalisera ett ledarskapsprogram

Under många år har Greencarriers ledarskapsprogram levererats i fysisk form under ett antal dagar på plats i klassrummet. När Corona gjorde resandet för cheferna från organisationens 11 länder omöjligt, fick HR-teamet snabbt tänka om.

Hur ställer man om ett affärskritiskt program under några få månader? Hur ser man till att det blir bra? Här berättar Charlotte Bernerheim, Global HR Manager och Josefine Widegren, Head of HR, på logistikföretaget Greencarrier, hur man med hjälp av  Promotes systerbolag, ledarutvecklingsbolaget Mindset, och lärplattformen Promote under våren 2021 kunde rulla ut ett nytt och uppdaterat ledarskapsprogram – helt virtuellt!

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How global SAAS market leader, Sage, improved learning for the Sales team

Sage is a global SaaS market leader providing small and medium businesses with the visibility, flexibility, and efficiency to manage finances, operations, and people all in Sage Business Cloud. With over 11,000 employees, Sage provides products and solutions to over two million customers in 20+ countries.

Sales Enablement at Sage – “setting up sales colleagues for future success”

The global Sales Enablement function supports the product and skill learning and development of nearly 1,200 sales colleagues throughout Sage.

Sage has been going through a strategic transformation in recent years, moving towards a native cloud-based solution. Leaders in the Sales Enablement function identified this as an opportunity to continue to improve the way they supported sales teams as well, “providing a much better learning experience for our sales colleagues and providing them that long-term benefit,” explains Steve Hamilton, Director of Sales Enablement in North America.

A few colleagues had already graduated from Promote’s Brinkerhoff Certification for High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJs) and recommended it to Steve.

After doing his due-diligence, Steve quickly realized that since Sage is a global company, the HPLJ certification could have a more profound impact if additional colleagues from Sales Enablement’s numerous regions were certified together.

“Were all trying to improve the knowledge and experience of our sales colleagues. What a great way to learn together and scale our value to Sage.”

So, Steve reached out to sales enablement colleagues in other regions to see if they would be interested, and noticed that a few key points resonated:

  • A strong focus on setting up sales colleagues for future success
  • Creating learning journeys, rather than learning events
  • Building something that’s sustainable

People quickly responded, saying “sign me up.”

Internal HPLJ Certification

Sixteen colleagues participated in Promote’s Internal HPLJ certification for Sage, and during the program, the colleagues were able to apply their learning immediately, transforming Sage’s event-based programs into High Performance Learning Journeys.

We had already begun to think about things differently. However, with more of the sales enablement team going through the certification, we’ve been able to accelerate our efforts. It has made a transformational move in our logic, our approach, and our thought process.” As a result, they expect to see more learning absorption and application by the sales teams, and sustainable utilization of that knowledge so that they can perform better in their jobs.”

Since the sixteen colleagues were going through the HPLJ certification program together, they were able to split into four groups, mixing colleagues from different regions. This approach had some immediate benefits: it allowed them to not only get to know each other better (some had never met before), but also lead to a lot of cross-pollination between the regions. And they’ve already seen other benefits:

  • “Going through it together really strengthened the Sales Enablement team in terms of our approach…We use the same language. We talk about HPLJs when we have a new initiative or project.”
  • “By having 16 sales enablement colleagues go through the certification process together, we have raised the talent level within the global sales enablement team, as well as improved the value that we provide to Sage overall.”

As the group of colleagues continues to transform existing programs and build new programs in the HPLJ format, Steve sees more positive results on the horizon. “Taking these programs and building them out into HPLJs has become our standard. Our sales colleagues should expect that when we introduce a new product or skill learning, it will be built in the format of an HPLJ.”

Tips on Overcoming Resistance in the Organization

As with all change processes, Steve and his colleagues expect some resistance along the way. However, they are laying the groundwork to overcome this. Steve shares some tips:

  • Most important is to show the Sales colleagues what they will gain from this new approach in terms of increasing their performance and enhancing their customer interactions.
  • The same thing goes for the Sales Leaders and Executives. Make sure they understand what an HPLJ is and its benefits—WHY it’s important to make this change, how it will improve performance and help achieve desired business outcomes.
  • Upon completion of the Internal HPLJ Certification, send a message to your Sales Leaders to let them know that your team has just completed their certification and what it means for the leaders, and most importantly, their team.

Business Impact

As they enter the new fiscal year, Sage expects to see even better business results due to the foundation that Sales Enablement is providing them on the learning side. “If youre a sales colleague and youre really invested in becoming better in your job, I think this really resonates with you, because you know theres a team that’s investing more into your success as a sales colleague. Not that we didnt before, but now its just at a higher level,” Steve explains.

Sales Enablement continues to evolve, playing a bigger role in the success of many organizations (not only at Sage). “We continue to build our portfolio of what we provide and how we serve our sales colleagues, and thats not going to change, and its certainly not going to slow down. Thats where the HPLJ comes in.”

What is the Brinkerhoff Certification for High Performance Learning Journeys?

The Brinkerhoff Certification for High Performance Learning Journeys is an instructional design program built on four decades of research. The certification program equips L&D professionals with a model and complete toolbox to design training initiatives that deliver performance improvement and business impact.

Att driva ett ledarskapsprogram virtuellt

Så flyttade ORKLA ett affärskritiskt ledarskapsprogram online.

Under våren 2020 lamslogs världen av den rådande Corona-pandemin. Virusets utbrott omöjliggjorde fysiska träffar, möten och tillställningar vilket påverkade Orklas återkommande ledarskapsprogram. Men hur löste Orkla utmaningen?

I detta case kan du läsa om hur Orkla ställde om, optimerade och moderniserade sitt sätt att utbilda sina nya ledare – på mindre än ett år!

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Beteendeförändring i fokus

PostNord driver sin stora satsning mot ökad försäljning av e-handel med stöd av en väldesignad lärresa och plattformen Promote. Hör Anders Blomstedt, Projektledare på PostNord, berätta om projektet och resultatet.

“Vi har vårt fokus på beteendeförändringen”

PostNord använder både lärplattformen Promote och high performance Learning Journey-metodiken för att skapa varaktig beteendeförändring i sin organisation.

Kort om Postnord

  • 30 000 medarbetare
  • Levererar över 3.3 miljarder brev per år
  • Finns i Sverige och Danmark

Promote changed the way we do business

”Our mission has always been to make a difference for our clients”

Knowing the shortcomings of training we realized that we needed some sort of performance support tool that could leverage our training programs and create full business value. We literally searched the world for platforms that could support us. After extensive research and workshops with the brightest thought leaders in training impact and measurement we chose to work with Promote.

We implemented Promote and all the processes that come with it to; sales, design, delivery and impact measurement. Of course we started out with some flagship programs to set internal examples, and very soon we realized that this was The Way forward. All of our employees quickly got involved, adding to their processes and ways of working.

Working with Promote has made it possible to build true partnership with our clients, discussing and solving matters so we can co-work on solving them to drive full impact of training. We got the tools to re-vitalize business relations and to improve our existing programs, securing business projects in even longer terms than before. Promote has made it possible to drive and prove our contribution to business results in companies all over the world. Promote has made ourselves very proud of what we do!

Current use of Promote

All programs on all levels, tailor made programs and open seated courses

Introduction programs

200+ Customer Companies

2200 programs

Mindset – Fact

Global training provider in Leadership, Sales and Project Management

Kirkpatrick Affiliates with certified trainers and Gold level status changed the way we do business

135+ employees

Increased learning transfer in leadership programs

We are happy to share the findings of the impact study of a very successful leadership training program in the construction industry at PEAB. in this case we will share our findings from our Peab training Evaluation.

About 80% of participants are making sustained and valuable use of their learning in their on-job work. This compares to impact rates more commonly found in studies to be in the range of 5% to 20%. The case study will present how that was achieved. 

“To Lead Peab, is a multi-element training program provided to leaders from a range of levels. The programs are managed by Mindset and customized for Peab – one of the Nordic countries™’ leading construction and civil engineering companies, with 13,000+ employees and net sales exceeding USD 4+ billion.”

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How Promote changed the way we train our Leaders

Promote was introduced to us by one of our most trusted training providers who had used it successfully for other companies. Both the tool and the methodology behind it made us very excited, and we decided to run a pilot on a mid-level leadership program.

We stated three specific goals for the pilot; First, we wanted the participants to spend less time in the classroom. Second, we wanted them to practice more of their learnings when they got back to the workplace and third, we wanted to get their managers more involved in their development.

We ran three pilot programs where we measured a better focus, higher accountability, even more satisfied participants and engaged managers that led to a learning transfer of more than 80%. On top of that we managed to cut cost with 50% and time spent in the classroom with 25% – in other words, a more effective training that provided desired results.

Based on our experience we decided to make Promote a main component in leadership programs on all levels, globally. And as a proof on how our leadership programs improved with Promote, a study on them has been awarded a Kirkpatrick Gold Level Certification and the results presented on large international conferences (ex ATD).

Current use of Promote

  • Leadership programs on all levels
  • 12 languages
  • Internal open enrollment programs for communication and soft skills
  • Roll out of new strategies and business models

Scania – Facts

  • Global manufacturer of heavy trucks and busses
  • 45 000 employees
  • Founded in 1891
  • Strong focus on Research & Development
  • Award-winning L&D department

Addressing big and ongoing challenges with Promote

Ericsson has been using the Promote platform in a variety of their programs, globally, since 2015. In this interview with Peter Sheppard, Global Head of Learning Excellence, you will learn more about the Ericsson experience, the challenges faced, and how they overcame, to get the best out of the platform and their programs.

From a Learning and Development perspective, what challenges are Promote allowing you to overcome?

I think Promote has helped us with a couple of big and ongoing challenges. The first one is that we, as a company, are increasingly doing more and more blended learning. We are including a variety of learning methods in the learning programs that we’re putting together. One of the challenges in that, is pulling it all together into one overall program and keeping the motivation going through that whole program. Promote is an excellent tool in that, it helps. We ask people to sign into Promote initially and in the platform, they complete some elements and do different types of learning throughout. I think that’s one challenge that Promote helps us to overcome, to keep the motivation throughout the entire program.

The second challenge is, which we have not mastered yet – but I wish we had – is greater involvement of leaders. It is shown again and again, that if you involve leaders in the learning, then you get better results and stronger impact. And by using Promote, we encourage employees and leaders to have that conversation prior to the learning happening and, therefore, we get better results.

The third challenge is one at the backend, the really important impact end of learning. Promote helps us to do the necessary follow-up on the learning, with surveys and overall assignments. A real challenge is, when the learning activities are completed, to get the learners to re-focus on how they have applied their learning, but if we have a survey in Promote and we push that message that the learning journey starts and finishes with this learning assignment, and then people start to get it – they have to complete the follow-up questionnaire that shows how they have applied the learning. Still a challenge for us, but Promote is helping us along the way.

From a broader perspective, how is Promote delivering on your expectations?

I think mostly, pretty well. Especially concerning the blended learning part, putting in a variety of activities. What we really value in Promote, is the ability to be quite flexible according to different types of programs. You can produce a Promote program, or assignment, based on the type of program that you have – it’s very flexible in that aspect – that’s something that we wanted and so it’s efficient.

I think the other big expectation that we had, was that it would help with the transfer of learning. That is, and has been, a bugbear of focus for many learning professionals and a really big challenge. Promote is helping us more and more with that. I don’t think we’re home and dry yet, but I think it’s helping us bring in the kind of surveys and follow-ups that are necessary to achieve. So, overall, pretty good.

As a learning professional, how do you actually get people to do things in Promote?

This is a challenge for us, but it’s also essential, to make it work successfully. So, what we do, when we kick-off a program, a learning program, we pull the trainer in, to kick-off with the participants. We then promote, Promote; we go through what’s expected of them and how Promote works. So, we position it right, at the very start of the program.

The other piece, in some ways, is even more important. We pull the leaders of the participants together, pointing out to them, that they have an important role, in this learning journey. They have to work with the learners and the teams that are participating in the program. So, we position it with them as well, that Promote is going to help them to do all that.

The third important participant in all of this, is, of course, the trainer, the deliverer themselves; we need to onboard them as well, since they are using the Promote tool too. Every person that has a role in the learning journey, from the very start, when you start to think about the goals of the program, needs to be involved and to understand the purpose of Promote through, through the program; that means you will get much better traction; at least that’s what we found.

The downside, of course, is that it means much greater involvement and the challenge for us, as an organization, is how do we do that, more efficiently? Can we replace some of those face to face-meetings with videos and so on, so we can scale Promote.

Has Promote helped you to better communicate with your business leaders, for example?

Yes, because I think it enables us to make the point to the leaders, that they have a vital role to play in the learning that their employee is doing. It’s not a case of “I sent my employee to a training session – job done”. It’s quite a challenge because leaders have so many calls on their time, but Promote gives us a reason to go and say to our leaders, “Look, we need you involved and this is how you’ll be involved, through Promote”. So, yes, it gives us a reason to get the leaders involved and on board with the learning.

Anything else you’d like to add about Promote, as an organization, or the platform?

Big organizations like Ericsson always have a choice of picking tools from a large or small organization. One of the things that I have seen, and one of the benefits of picking a tool from a relatively small organization like Promote, is that it’s helping us to get involved in the shaping of the tool; talking in a collaborative way, developing the tool. I feel the Promote team are always helping us in terms of, what we want to achieve, is what they want to achieve, of course, it’s a good sales technique, but it’s also valuable to us as a customer.