What the Buzz Is All About #2 Tim Blakesly

#2 Experiential learning, how to become a strategic partner and focusing on relevant key learnings with Tim Blakesly

In this episode, Rob sits down with Tim Blakesly the Assistant Dean for Executive Education at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Tim has over 30 years of experience in performance improvement consulting and executive coaching and throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with thousands of executives, leaders, and managers in Fortune 100 companies around the world. Tim and his team are now on a journey to redefine executive education through practical, engaging, and transformative learning journeys.

Topics in this episode:

The shift from knowledge dissemination to immersive, experience-based learning that leverages asynchronous methods, allowing face-to-face time to focus on case studies and simulations.

How L&D can move from being a logistical support to a strategic partner, ensuring that learning is absorbed and applied strategically for organizational growth.

Challenges in reaching levels three and four of the Kirkpatrick’s four levels of evaluation.

How to make the shift from the traditional approach of teaching pre-defined programs to a more customized approach.

The importance of a personalized executive education program that tailors learning down to the individual level, focusing on key learnings relevant to their workplace and needs.

About Professor Robert Brinkerhoff:

Robert is Senior Adviser and Head of Impact and Evaluation at Promote International. He is an internationally recognized expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation and his findings have been proven effective in dozens of organizations and have gained popularity worldwide.

Over his 40-year career, he has provided consultation to dozens of multinational organizations around the globe. He has been a keynote speaker and presenter at hundreds of conferences worldwide and has authored several books including Courageous Training and Telling Training’s Story.


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