Overcoming Issues and obstacles when implementing HPLJ

The past year has impacted the L&D industry in countless ways, so we decided to capture and leverage the learning of our HPLJ community for all L&D professionals to benefit from. We recently invited our HPLJ graduates to participate in a survey of their recent experience and we are very excited to share the findings with you in a panel discussion hosted by Edward Boon.

During this webinar you will meet a panel of experts including Professor Robert Brinkerhoff, that will discuss the tactics on overcoming the barriers when implementing a High performance Learning Journey.

What the webinar covers:
• Key findings from the survey (Professor Robert Brinkerhoff)
• Tactics for overcoming specific barriers in designing and delivering High Performance Learning Journeys (panel of experts)
• Questions and observations from webinar attendees

Creating a sustainable L&D Ecosystem

In this Webinar, Promote performance specialists Mark Gussetti and Alex Britain-Catlin, will be taking us through some of Promote’s key findings when it comes to creating and introducing a new Learning and Development Ecosystem into organizations.

The webinar will address what is an Ecosystem and why is it necessary. It will take a look at the constituent parts that make up the modern approach to delivering learning in organizations.

Perhaps of most interest, for you, we will take a look at three international organizations, who have taken different approaches in establishing their L&D Ecosystems. This will include their challenges and the success factors that enable them to move forward.

How Manager Engagement Effects Training Transfer

In collaboration with Professor Kevin Ford of Michigan State University, Promote International has conducted a study of 1500 training participants to better understand exactly how the actions of supervisors influence the likelihood of training transfer.

In this webinar, Edward Boon, performance consultant at Promote International, and Brian Blume, Professor of Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management at the University of Michigan,  will reveal our preliminary findings from this innovative research project.

The webinar covers:

  • Preliminary findings from the research study
  • A three-pillar support framework based on preliminary findings
  • Next steps in the study and how your organization can get involved

Getting to Kirkpatrick® Level 4 with Promote

The Kirkpatrick Model comprises the foremost evaluation methodology in the world.  Let us show you how you can combine the inbuilt functionality of the Promote platform with the power of the four levels to move beyond smile sheets to driving application and demonstrable business value.

the webinar covers:

  • Introduction to the Kirkpatrick Model
  • Using Promote to connect the levels
  • Using assignment reports to add stories to the data
  • Using Promote dashboards to drive success

Powering a Personalized Learning Journey for Anti-Racist Allies

How do you power a personalized learning journey for anti-racist allies? Red Fern LLC, a learning design and consulting group, has created personalized, high-performance learning journeys for individuals seeking to become better allies for people of color. 

During this session, Red Fern founders Steve and Allison Mahaley will describe the components of the learning journey, and how learners identify their ‘moments that matter’, and use the tools to improve their skills and outcomes of critical conversations.

the webinar covers:

  • Why this, why now
  • Introductions and design foundations
  • Tour of a typical journey
  • Impact measures
  • Q / A

Uncovering the truth about Learning Journeys – stretching on more than time

The training event is a thing of the past and the world of professional learning is abuzz with the notion of learning journeys. But will simply stretching our learning over time provide us with the training transfer we need?

In this webinar, you will learn how to stretch your L&D initiatives to address common barriers to achieving business impact! This webinar was hosted by Performance consultants Edward Boon and Alex Brittain-Catlin from Promote.

The webinar covers:

  • Barriers to training transfer
  • Stretching on 5 dimensions to overcome these barriers
  • Practical examples of assignments and activities to create the stretch