Make Training Count

With Promote, your participants receive a learning journey that gives the full value of your training investment.

New date! Brinkerhoff Certification in Stockholm, 27-28 Sept 2017!

Our solution - Four key concepts

Promote is built on four key concepts proven to support your learners to sustain behavioral change.

Hassle free training solution

Improves your programs

Promote makes it easier to be better. Put your current program in Promote and get the benefits right away.

Excellent support

The Promote team offers you excellent support – from your very first program and throughout the whole process.

Easy to use

Promote is designed for participants and trainer. It is easy to design, build, modify, re-use and administer programs.


We care about your privacy and security. Promote is built on a robust infrastructure and is constantly updated with the latest security features.


Whether you are the program designer, participant or facilitator, Promote offers a flexible solution. Use it anytime, anywhere. You can simply copy an existing program or scale it up or start fresh.


In Promote, you can manage and track programs from start to finish. Get data rich and easy to use reports and see the results immediately. This way you can steer the program in the right direction.

Peter Sheppard - Ericsson

Global Head of Learning Excellence

“Bringing together different parts of a blended program into a single platform and bringing in … the learner’s manager are key wins for us in using a Learning Transfer Platform. Promote supports from start to finish what I’ve always thought is essential for realizing the investment in key learning programs.”


Brinkerhoff Certification – for High Performance Learning Journeys

More than ever organizations rely on the support of training to execute strategy and change. At the same time most training as it is designed today is too “event” based and does not engage learners in a meaningful and effective performance improvement process. In this certification program designed and developed jointly with Robert Brinkerhoff, instructional designers will get the tools to make training programs create new and lasting behaviors among their participants.

Stockholm SWE, 11 Sept + 27-28 Sept + 26 Oct
Washington US, 30 Oct + 14-15 Nov + 18 Dec


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