The prize winning online learning platform

The Prize Winning

Online Learning Platform

With the online learning transfer platform Promote, your learners receive a learning journey that gives the full value of your training investment. Promote supports all kinds of training, making it easier to go digital and virtual.

We can help you to:

  • Move your classroom training to a virtual classroom
  • Design or re-design your training programs for online learning
  • Get our experts on virtual training to help you get on the right digitalization track

Meet your learners where they are and transform your learning initiative to a virtual experience with the Promote learning platform.

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Our solution - Four key concepts

Promote is a learning transfer platform built on four key concepts proven to support your learners to sustain behavioral change. Promote supports all kinds of training, online, blended learning or classroom/face to face.

Social learning

Promote facilitates focused on-the-job experience sharing throughout the learning journey. Participants get inspired by the actions of others, share best-practice, reflect, collaborate and network with each other. Easy to use and easy to access.

Impact measurement

Promote allows you to keep track of progress and to act on deviations and accomplishments in real-time.

Effective training

Promote shifts expectations and accountability from “learning in the classroom” to application and performance “on-the- job”. The result of effective training is higher motivation, a higher level of engagement and lowered training costs.

Management Involvement

Let's create role-model managers. Through Promote, managers are engaged in the learning journey on a current basis. Promote supports managers in knowing when their involvement is needed and in how to interact within the platform.

Upcoming webinars

Promote conducts inspirational and educating webinars for you working with training, L&D and HR.

An easy to use virtual classroom

Case Study Ericsson

“Bringing together different parts of a blended program into a single platform and bringing in the learners manager are key wins for us in using a Learning Transfer Platform. Promote supports from start to finish what we always thought is essential for realizing the investment in key learning programs.”

– Peter Sheppard, Global Head of Learning Excellence – Ericsson

Take your training programs to the next level

Brinkerhoff Certification – for High Performance Learning Journeys® (HPLJ)

Amp up an existing training program or create a new one. In this innovative program you will learn how to design effective training.

The HPLJ certification program is highly hands-on, giving you guidance in and experience of using powerful tools and proven techniques that you will put into practice in your own training programs during the certification process. The HPLJ methodology is useful on all kinds of training, digital or not.

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Watch a short video describing HPLJ

Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level

Promote is Kirkpatrick Partners affiliates. We offer Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program – Bronze Level the online version.

The Kirkpatrick Bronze online program comprises 5 online sessions facilitated live by Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitators. Each session is 2 hours 30 mins.
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