PPP workshop

Program Performance Path Workshop (PPP)

Give the training an honest chance to influence the business

The recipe for a successful training program

In the Program Performance Path (PPP) workshop, you create a results-driven framework for your program to stand on. A PPP brings out and answers the most vital questions; goals, purpose, what behaviors should be created, and in what situations they should be used to get really good business driving the effect.

A PPP is one of the most central parts of High Performance Learning Journeys and one of the most appreciated tools for creating a strategic plan for training initiatives. Common to all our successful projects with customers is based on a PPP. If you know you need change – but not how – PPP is the solution for you. The workshop consists of personal interviews followed by 2 half-day workshops.

If you want to be sure that the training is in line with and drives toward the company's business goals, then you should gather customers, recipients, and other stakeholders and implement a PPP with us.

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Learn to create the right behaviors in the participants

A PPP gives you a clear picture of what competencies and behaviors are required to achieve your KPIs and business goals

Get the stakeholders on board

Learn to mingle with stakeholders to create learning initiatives that benefit everyone. A PPP is a fantastic tool for creating consensus in all parts of the company

For you who want to create change in depth

PPP workshop is suitable for you who are a training leader and for other stakeholders involved who want to achieve set goals with a learning program. In addition to learning how you create your own business layout, you also get a prepared process to continue towards increased results through implementation.

Strengthen the connection between
L&D & business

L&D and business development belong together. Strengthen the link between learning and business value by creating results-focused training initiatives together!


Improve your current or create a brand new program

Do not start from scratch! You can recalibrate existing programs to new heights and effects with our PPP workshop.

The process

1. Preparatory interviews ~ 1 day

The workshop begins with personal interviews to ensure the priorities among all participants. These are performed by Promote’s training managers.

Depending on the size of the group, the time to conduct interviews with all participants varies. Expect the interview work to take about one working day.

2. Workshop
2 x ½ days

The interviews are followed by 2 dedicated half days of workshops where we set the framework for the initiative together. Here, prioritization work is interspersed with the results from the personal interviews.

Here everyone speaks and all voices weigh equally.

3. Ready to go!

The result is a well-packaged document that describes the whole process from A to Z:

What knowledge do the participants need to possess, what behaviors should you change and in what situations should they be used to influence the business goals to the maximum.

The document can be used to advantage to explain the upcoming effort, form the basis for the continued work of designing the program and also as a basis for evaluation.

As one of the first steps in the development of our new strategically important leadership program, we at Granitor took the help of Promote. Under their leadership, we conducted a Program Performance Path, where the purpose is to work out goals, purpose, desired behaviors, and performance for the new program and what this should contribute back to our company and organization. Under the leadership of Edward Boon and Mark Gussetti, we gathered representatives from several different positions in our management team and from several different companies in our group (stakeholders from the entire company) and worked together to develop a structure and common thread for the program that we all agreed on. We now have a common basis to work further from the outside in the upcoming work with the development of the program.

It was incredibly valuable to have Edward and Mark as an external force driving the process; kept the work together, asked the right questions, and highlighted our work with their experience. This meant that all aspects were highlighted and valued.

I can warmly recommend this work to anyone who is starting up a new training program or wants to work on an existing one.

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