Educations for HR and L&D

Training programs for HR and L&D

Training programs for HR and L&D professionals.

A mini-course for those who work in training and want to quickly boost their skills in effective learning. The course is packed with best-practice and is suitable for all skill levels.

The course is completely free and can be done at your own pace.

Action workshops are made to drive competence development within an organization. You get all the material you need to lead the workshop yourself. All workshops are scalable and follow a clear pattern. An Action workshop is a series of structured activities and tasks whose purpose is to develop a group’s members within a certain competence or skill. An Action Workshop usually consists of five different parts.

In the PPP workshop, Program Performance Path, you create a results-driven framework for your program to stand on. A PPP brings out, and answers the most vital questions; goals, purpose, what behaviors should be created and in what situations they should be used to get really good business driving the effect.

L&D transformation & business critical programs

In combination with experience and the right approach, we help you implement new ways of working in your organization. You get tools, methodology and the opportunity to practically take on the challenges of creating change in your organization. We support you in the making of business-critical training initiatives.

Training design & implementation of learning journeys

Thanks to the use of the High Performance Learning Journeys methodology and our technical platform, we can help you deliver training that gives measurable results. Our goal is to give you the right solution for your training initiative, target group and work environment. We have successfully demonstrated our ability to implement the latest approaches in different types of organizations in an efficient, resource-efficient and friendly manner.

Effective training in a virtual environment

Learn how to conduct effective training in a virtual environment with our new training program “Conducting Effective Virtual Training”. In this program, you get tools and working methods that make your educations just as good, whether they are online or on site.
The education is in English.

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Do you need a tailor-made solution?

Did you know that we can create tailor-made solutions based on your experience and needs? We make sure that you reach the goals of your training initiative, regardless of length or purpose. With Promote’s methodology and digital platform, you create training with a clear effect that gives lasting results and behavior change.

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