Kirkpatrick: 4 Levels of Training Evaluation Certification – Silver level

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Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Training Evaluation Certification Program - Silver Level

Kirkpatrick is the world's most recognized model for evaluating training initiatives

Elevate Your Evaluation Skills with Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification

Join a select group of professionals in our Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification Program. Limited to just 30 participants, this program offers a unique, personalized learning experience in program evaluation.

The Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification is an expertly designed training program for professionals focusing on advanced program evaluation skills. The certification provides a well-organized framework for participants to develop and implement a complete evaluation plan, incorporating the latest skills and offering continuous support.

Expert Guidance

Navigate the complexities of data collection and analysis with ease.


Practical Application

Transform data into impactful on-the-job results.

Success Strategies

Identify and leverage key factors for future project triumphs.


Engage in discussions to overcome common challenges in program evaluation.

More information about the Kirkpatrick silver level certification

Kirkpatrick Silver Level Certification provides the structure and support you need to successfully execute a complete program evaluation plan. Its blend of cutting-edge skills and ongoing support begins with a full-day session during which participants share a formal progress report and obtain expert and peer feedback in a conversational environment. The program is limited to 30 or fewer participants to ensure that you receive personalized attention and feedback on your program progress.

Registration is strictly limited to individuals who have taken the Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program – Bronze Level. Read more about Bronze level here.

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Learning Objectives

• Analyze evaluation data to make educated decisions during program implementation

• Identify program success factors and results

• Create a compelling report and presentation of ultimate program value for stakeholders

Structure and Support

The program is structured to provide thorough guidance for a complete program evaluation plan. This includes a blend of advanced skills training and ongoing support.

Program Conclusion & Certification

Individual Action Plans: Each participant creates an action plan for program execution and prepares final reports.

Final Presentation: To achieve Silver Level Certification, participants must make a final presentation of their program’s outcomes and results to Kirkpatrick Partners. This is typically done via a conference call within 12 months of attending the course.

Program agenda


Incident Report Writing Program Case Example

Real-life case preparation

Session 1

Module 1 – Introduction

Three phases of an initiative

Effective training versus training effectiveness

The New World Kirkpatrick Model

Module 2 – Data Analysis and Decision Making

Answering questions with data

Identifying success factors

Gap analysis and plan modifications

Module 3 – Bringing Your Plan to Life

Presentation of individual plans for feedback

Discussion of common challenges

Session 2

Module 4 – Overcoming Objections Using the Kirkpatrick Foundational Principles

Five underlying principles of Kirkpatrick evaluation

Discussion of common objections to business partnership approach

Module 5 – Developing and Presenting Your Final Report

What it means to be a strategic business partner

Drafting an executive report

Tips for oral presentation

Module 6 – Action Planning Implementation discussion

Completing silver level certification

Setting a completion timeline

Follow-Up & Final presentation

On-demand conference calls
Follow-up modules via email

Formal presentation of program results 

Session dates - 2024

January 29th

Session 1

2.00-5.00 pm CET

January 30th

Session 2

2.00-5.00 pm CET

Promote is the Scandinavia's only Kirkpatrick affiliate

Did you know that Promote is the only company in the Nordic region that has been entrusted with certification in Kirkpatrick’s four levels? And we are of course very proud of that. It is proof of our hard work and dedication to quality training. We manage and carry this opportunity as a medal.

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