Here we list the most frequent questions and answers about Promote.

The biggest difference is the area of use. The focus of an LMS is often the administration or delivery of e-learning. Promote is designed to drive learning transfer, ie the effect of learning. In other words, Promote complements an LMS.

Yes absolutely! Already today we have the opportunity to integrate with some of the world’s largest LMS: Cornerstone and SuccessFactor. And there will be more! We are constantly working to add more systems to the list. Do you want to integrate with your LMS? Contact us!

Promote of course complies with EU safety regulations and regulations. It is also mandatory for all end users to approve and follow the rules regarding security. More information is available on safety & technology.

Promote is completely online-based, works on all different devices, and is easy to use, wherever you are.

Yes! Promote supports both open and tailor-made training, just as well. The platform offers a flexible digital architecture where you can design and build all types of applications.

Yes. The platform is available in 21 different languages, in addition to Swedish and English.

In Promote you will find a large selection of data. For example, you can get statistics about the interaction between the manager and the employee, from the participant activity and much more. You can then use the statistics to obtain, for example, evaluation reports.

Yes. In Promote, you can run unlimited programs, course starts and participants.

Yes. We offer single-sign-on logins with, among others, Facebook, Linkedin and Google.

If you are more than 6 participants, we always recommend that you do an “in-house” program. Where all focus is on you and your needs. We come to you whenever you want and certify your participants!

Yes. Promote shows results immediately when the first participant logs in to the system. One of the biggest advantages of the platform is that it is easy to scale, depending on your organization and your needs. You can easily copy previous programs, choose to make changes and add various functions or tasks, and then use it again. Feel free to ask us about our different pricing models to find out what suits you.

You can extend the learning journey as long as you want, for example you can choose to add more information for your participants or send out different types of follow-ups. Follow-up assignments are often used in alumni groups after the program is completed.

Yes, Promote works just as well on the phone as on the tablet or your computer.

Yes, it’s going really well. The platform works well with Scorm, and that means you can upload your e-learning, both your own, or someone else’s. You can of course also attach different types of files such as images, video, PDFs, excel documents, etc., where needed, for example in a task.

Yes! We are happy to show the platform in a live demo. Contact us or sign up for a demo here.

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