Listen up L&D: Scale up your program to an online experience - for free!

Activate 500+ users and our experts will design and help you with your learning program – for free!

Scale up!

Digital learning and a new way of designing and executing learning programs are becoming the new normal of this turbulent time. At Promote we have been re-designing and moving face-to-face and blended learning programs into online learning journeys all around the world since even before this pandemic started. Quite frankly, we would say we are kind of experts! 

We would like to help more organizations move their large and business critical programs online and together create high performance learning journeys with an impact. This pandemic should not stop your employees and organization to grow, learn and continue to be successful. 

We all know that having the right competence is critical for the success of organizations. So let’s scale up your training programs into impactful learning journeys together!

The deal!

Activate a minimum of 500 users at $45 per person/year and purchase a Promote license for $3000 (ord price $4900) and we’ll include:


  • A re-design, design or set up of one program of your choice by one of our experts ($10 000)
  • Branding of your Promote site ($300)
  • Onboarding program for your program administrators ($500)

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