High Performance Learning Journeys (HPLJ) - Online Certification

Learn how to create High Performance Learning Journeys

The program is intended for learning professionals. You will join a cadre of instructional designers, facilitators, HR managers, learning and development professionals/project managers, performance consultants, that know how to succesfully transform training interventions to deliver the desired performance.

The certification program gives you all the tools you need to design training programs that deliver sustainable results. No matter platform or technical solution being used in your organization, the learning design methodology behind the HPLJ will help you to design learning in a new way.

Our Brinkerhoff Certification for High Performance Learning Journeys® (HPLJ) is based on over 40 years of research by Professor Robert Brinkerhoff.

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*Please note that the number of seats available on online HPLJ programs 2019/2020 is limited and that an application for a free seat does not guarantee that a free seat will be provided. A representative from Promote International AB will be in contact with you if your application for a free seat has been successful.

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